An ngaih tuk ko natein Coronavirus ruangah tlaih khawh an si ti lo, An liam thluamah ko

A poituk cang ee!!! Vawlei kan nun chung caan tawite ah dawhtein le i rem tein um khawh lo in an ngaituk mi le an dawh tuk mi hna cu Coronavirus ruangah tlaih kho lo in an liam thluamah ko

Lisa Ewald Kum 53, Detroit ah nurse rian a ttuan mi cu inn ah thi cia in hmuh a si. Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit ah rian a ttuan mi a si. C-19 damlo mi hna cu mask lo in a zohkhen hna tiin Daily Mail nih a ttial. Nurse Edwad nih C-19 a chonh maw chonh lo ti test tuah ding in voihnih a hal hna, natein an duh lo. Natein a voithumnak ah test an vun tuah cu C-19 a chonh ti hmuh a si. Edward e Divinia Accad 72, Detroit VA Medical Center ah rian ttuan lio mi le James House, 40, Nurse Detroit Nursing Home ah rian ttuan lio mi cu C-19 zawtnak in an thi ve cang

Vawlei raltuk voihnih (IIWW) mi raltha zong nih C-19 cu a ngam ti lo. Raltuk voinihnak (IIWW) World War Hero, Damusters Squadron a tel ton mi, mi nih an uar ngai mi Summer kum 96 nih C-19 cu ngam loin Newscastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary ah a thi. Amah le Reverand Bishop Theophilus Augustus Mc Calla 86 le Reverend Bishop Horation Fearon 80, Church of God of Prophecy based, Wolverhamptpn zong a thi ve cang

Ecuadorian City zong C-19 nih fakpi in mah zawtnak hi a tawn thluamah lio a si. Mah C-19 ruangah a thi mi hna cu an chungkhar nih an ruak cu innchungah lak ngam loin Ruak 150 hrawng cu lengah Cardboard Box ah khuh in an chia ko

Bodies are being left to rot on the side of road as officials struggle to cope with coronavirus deaths in an Ecuadorian city. Pictured: Two men look at a body said to be laying oustide a clinic for three days in Guayaquil

At least 150 rotting corpses were left on the street or kept in the homes of grieving relatives in Guayaquil as the deadly bug ravages the horror-struck port city. Pictured: A corpse on the pavement

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