Aropui tuk ee!! Dr. Sa Sa nih Chinram chungah siizung le khuate caah 81,426,000‬ MMK man thil a hlut tthan hoi

40000 Covid 19 leaflets kawlram tangka in 8,000,000. 280 Covid 19 vynyl posters Kawlram tangka in 3,710,000) khua pakhat caah Airtime Top Up; 2000 man le Siizung pakhat caah 3,800,000

Rian ttuantu caah 800 Coffees Pack. Kawlram tangka in 25,600,000 man a si. 150 Cotton Roll, kawlram tangka in 420,000,

Cun Sii 700 strips Paracetamol kawlram tangka in 1,750,000.  2200 Buckets kawl ram tangkain   18,700,000 man a si lai

410 PPE Faceshields kawlram tangka in 820,000 man a si. 1400 Cups, Kawlram tangka in 1,680,000 a si.

420 Water Containers. Kawlram 2,310,000 man. 240 Utensils- plate- bowl- spoon set kawl ram tangka in  MMK 1,920,000 a si.  140 Stationary set kawl ram tangka in  MMK 448,000. 140 Plastic Bags kawlram tangka in  MMK 168,000

10000 PPE Surgical Mask kawlram tangka in 4,400,000 a s. Khua 140 ah phawt an si lai . 1000 PPE N. 95 Mask kawlram tangka in 5,000,000 man a si. 10000 PPE Surgical Cap kawlram tangka in 1,200,000. Mah hna hi khuate 140 a kuat an si lai.

Note: Ka thawngpang (tadin) ttial a rel mi vialte cungah lunglawmnak tampi ka ngei. Ka thawngpang ttialmi nan kan rel piak ruangah keimah zong tangka ka hmuh ve i, chungkhar zong ka zohkhen kho ve hna. Nangmah nih thawngin chungkhar ka zohkhen khawh ve caah thawngpang a dik lo mi ttial ka duh lo. Hoax/Rumor/Fake ti bantuk hi ttial ka tim lo. English ka rel mi hi thatein source dang ka zoh hnuah mah hi cu a hman mi a si lai tiah ka ti mi hi hna hi ka miphun a si mi “Chin mi” caah ka ttial tawn. Natein vawlei cung cu tlamtlinglonak a si caah Source ka lak mi ah a hman lo mi a um ti nan theih ah cun zeitik caan poah ka theihterh ulaw keimah zong nih ralrinnak caah a si lai i cun thawngpang a hman mi le dik mi ka thla peng khawhnak ding caah tiin zaangfah kan nih hal hna-Chingpage Editor

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