Breaking News- Democrat pawl an lau tuk caah Court ah an kal cang

Thawngpang a linsa chin lengmang cang, The Justice Department nih U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert’s nih court ah lawsuit an ap mi cu, “walking legal contradiction” an ti piak hna.

January 6 Joe Biden certify challenge tuah an nih tim mi cu House of Representative nih Federal judge, Texas sin ah Vice President Mike Pence cu result thlengnak tuah kho lo ding in taza an cuai

Kumthar hlan ah Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas le Arizona Republicans tampi nih, lawsuit an ap ruangah Court filing phunglam ning in Mr. Gohmert’s lawyers nih Mr. Pence cu lawsuit ah Vice President cu min thutnak tuah ding in an ti, Mr Pence nih a duh lo kha

Mr Pence nih 12th Amendment, phunglam ningtein rian a tuan lai. Vice President hi Senate president a si lai caah nawlngei bik tu a si lai. Vice President Mike Pence nih biakhianak a tuah cang mi hi taza cuai than khawh a si ti lai lo

Mr. Gohmert’s brief, “12th Amendment, ning a cun, Defendant Pence nih elector vote thleng khawhnak nawl a ngei.

Vice President hi President of the Senate a si bantuk in Senate certify  nak cohlan khawh lonak power a ngei caah mah hi House/Democrat nih Court ah an kalnak ruang cu a si. Source-Theepochtimes

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