China nih amah le mah a thangthat; A bia chim mi cu thei duh bak si lo ee!!

Mah bantuk in China ruangah vawlei cung ramkip an buai lio ah mah le mah i thangthat cu ngai a nuam lo tak tak. Lih le hrokhrawl in WHO sin ah bia a chim mi vialte kha vawlei cung ramkip nih an theih dih cang caah Coronavirus a dawn tikah cun a celh bak ti lai lo ti a si cang

US President Donald Trump fanu Ivanka Trump le Vice President Mike Pence Staff nih coronavirus an ngei cang i, ralrin tein um a her lio caan a si. Mah bantuk in USA nih caan chia a tawn lio ah China nih fakpi in bia a vun chim tthan hoi cang

China nih cun, Epidemic cu fawitein kan dawngter cang (control). US nih mah bantuk in a kan soisel mi hi an ruahnak sawhsawh lawng a si. Mah bantuk in US nih a kan soisel mi hi zeihman ah kan rel piak hna lo. US led West pawl nih hin China nih coronavirus a dawngterning kong lo cun chim ding an ngei lo. Mah bantuk in an kan soisel mi cu an kan hnachuah ruangah a si. Mah hnuah cun China nih vawlei cung hi chawhleknak in kan uk cang lai.

China hi global supplier for anti virus material si ding in timtuahnak kan ngei. China nih export le employment ah fakpi in rian kan ttuan lai. China nih kan tuah khawh. Ramdang caah hawikawm tha kan si lai

Mah bantuk in US anti-China moves kan tawn lio mi chi China security thatter nak caah kan rian kan ttuan lai tiin China nih vawlei uk a tim ning le ramdang caah hawikawm ser an tim ning kong a chim. Credit- Globaltimes

Compared to most countries, China has managed to contain the epidemic earlier. This provides special room for China. China should take advantage of this room to solve problems and improve. Meanwhile, it should counter US attacks on China and strive for the best result, for its own interests, and for the interests of the entire world.

Note: Ka thawngpang (tadin) ttial a rel mi vialte cungah lunglawmnak tampi ka ngei. Ka thawngpang ttialmi nan kan rel piak ruangah keimah zong tangka ka hmuh ve i, chungkhar zong ka zohkhen kho ve hna. Nangmah nih thawngin chungkhar ka zohkhen khawh ve ti ka thei caah thawngpang a dik lo mi ttial ka duh lo i ka tim lo. Hoax/Rumor/Fake ti bantuk hi ttial duh lo bik a si.

English ka rel mi le mi dang nih an ttial mi credit ka pek mi hna hi source a hman mi a si maw ti ka zoh hnuah mah hi cu a hman mi a si lai tiah ka ti mi hna hi ka miphun a si mi “Chinmi” caah ka ttial tawn i ka credit tawn. Natein vawlei cung cu tlamtlinglonak ram a si caah ralrin tein ka ttial zong ah Source ka lak mi ah a hman lo mi a um kho mi a si. Source ka lak mi a hman lo ti nan theih ah cun zeitik caan poah ka theihterh kho ulaw, cun keimah ca zong ah ralrinnak a ka pektuk a si hlei ah ka source kha thatein ka zoh nak ding a si lai caah  le  thawngpang a hman mi le dik mi lawng ka thla peng khawhnak ding caah tiin zaangfah kan nih hal hna-Chingpage Editor

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