Conservative siang hngakchia Party ah Trump nih Phone in a chawnh mi nih US a hninh tak tak

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The Turning Point USA conference ,West Palm Beach, Florida Conservative siang hngakchia tampi nih party an tuah lio ah, President Trump nih phone in a va chawn hna

“Justice Department nih November’s presidential election results a thleng khawhnak ding caah heh tiah thazang lak ding in a va chawnh hna

Mah bantuk in President Trump nih phone in a va chawnh lio ah Conservative activist Charlie Kirk hna cu West Palm Beach, Florida ah party an tuah lio a si, President Trump nih, “Hi Charlie, how are you?’ Hi Charlie, Na tha maw? tiin a chawnh lio ah mi tampi nih heh tiah an au

Trump nih’ A dawh tak tak mi mi tampi, nan si ti nan au in a a lang tiin Trump nih a chim. ‘That sounds like a big crowd of beautiful people, ‘

President Trump, ” Charlie heh tiah nan ka dirpi caah nan cungah lunglawmnak tampi ka ngei, Election ah teinak kan hmuhnak ah hin heh tiah kan doh thluamah lio a si,tiin

Mah conference ah hin 4,000 leng Conservative mi lawng kum 15-25 hrawng an si, “We have 4,000 students here at our Student Action Summit. Thank you for calling We have your back 100% by the way – 100 %.’

State kip ah Ballots dik lo tampi thlak a si, kan party caah rian tuantu congress nu le pa tampi kan ngeih,  Setup lakah an kan bawmhnak ding caah  Justice Department, etc bawmhnak kan her,  I just want to thank you Charlie for the support. We appreciate it.’ tiin

Krick, “Mr President kan mah pawl nih cun heh tiah na hnungah kan dir peng lai tiin, Mah bantuk in bia an nih chawnh lio ah siang hngakchia tampi nih heh tiah an au. Source -Westernjournal

Note- Kum 2020 January Ni 1 in tu tiang a kan hruaitu JESUH min in nan kut kan nih tlaih hna, Chinpage a rel tawntu vialte Christmas le Kumthar lawmnak nan cungah tlung ko seh.- Chinpage Editor

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