Dr. Sa Sa cu uar um tak tak; Coronavirus zawtnak he pehtlaihin Chinram caah rian ttuan a tim ning a chim

Dr. Sa Sa bantuk Chinram nih kan ngei mi hi cu a sunglawi tuk hrinhrang. Chinram cu chim lo, kawlram caah hrim zong a rian ttuan ning hi a ropui bak ko. H1N1 lio ah khan kawl ram chungah damlo tampi an um ve caah sibawi le siizung chungah rian ttuantu pawl caah le midang caah Mask N.95 cu half million an an rak phawt hna.

Mah an phawtmi siizung hna cu  General Hospital in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Pakokhu, Kalaymyo, Hakha, Thantlang, Falam, Tidem, Tonzang, Matupi, Samee, Paletwa, Mindat, Kapelette, Sittwe, Kyaung Taw, Hmaung Oo, Ann, Minphyan etc. a si.

Mah coronavirus he pehtlaihin a hlan H1N1 bantuk in kawlram chung pumpi ah kan rak tuah bantuk in kan tuah khawh lo zongah mah Coronavirus zawtnak hi Laitlang ah, khualipi le khuate ah atha bik in i vennak caah rian kan ttuan lai. Cucaah hawi le hna, nan thlacam nak ah philh lo in rak ka thei peng ko u tiin Coronavirus zawtnak kongah Chinram caah rian ttuan a tim ning a chim


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