January Ni 6 ah Vice President Mike Pence nih Trump caah a tuah ding mi?

January 6 ah Vice President Mike Pence nih US election result a thleng lai maw ti cu vawlei cung ramkip nih an zoh cang.

Democrat pawl nih Joe Biden a sungh sual lai ti an tih caah Department of Justice nih Mike Pence cu zeihman tuah kho lo ding in lam an kal lio a si

Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert & Arizona’s slate nih Electoral College electors result thleng ding in lawsuit an ap mi hi Republicans legislature 140 hrawng nih an dirpi cang.

Natein Texas Federa Judge nih a cohlan lo ti thawngthannak an tuah cang kha. Gohmert nih Friday zanlei a court filing dang a ap than i, “Pence is more powerful than a ‘glorified envelope-opener in chief.’ tiin

Gohmert’s nih mah bantuk in thil a tuah mi hi Legal experts tampi nih an cohlan piak duh lo ti a si, Pence’s lawyer, Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Coghlan nih minthtunak/sign a tuah duh lo.

Michigan ah Trump legal team pawl nih voters fraud tamtuk a um ti an chim peng buin Michigan’s Governor & Secretary of State nih electoral college result ah Joe Biden cu teitu a si tiin an phuan

Swing states Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada &: New Mexico result hna hi Trump legal team nih vote hlennak a tam ngai tiah an chim peng mi kha a si

Atu cu January Ni 6 hi zoh a si cang. Mah Congress Joint Session ah Vice President Mike Pence nih zei bantuk thil a tuah lai ti cu vawlei cung ramkip nih an zoh mi a si

Mah Joint Session ah hin 12th Amendment hmang a si lai i, Senate President Mike Pence nih biakhiahnak a tuah mi hi tazacuai khawh a si ti lo.

Zeibantuk Court ah hman appeal tuah kho a si ti lo caah Mike Pence, Vice President of US nih nawlngeinak 100% a ngei. Source-RTK

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