Nancy Pelosi a mualpho, CNN nih Covid bawmhnak a halmi kongah

Chinpage nih a tim bik mi cu thawngpang dik lo mi karlakah thawngpang a dik mi le a hman mi Chinpage reltu sin ah theiter le tial hi a si. Nifatin US thawngpang 4/5 na rel khawh peng nak ding caah Chinpage hi Follow/Like tuah ding in kan sawm hna

COVID-19 RELIEF BILL $600 stimulus, House of Representatives le Senate nih biakhianak an tuah khawhnak ruang hi President Trump thawng a si.

A ruang cu American shutdown dang a um ti lonak ding caah le mipi pawl an tuar tuk caah Senate cu House of representatives/Democrats pawl duh ning bantuk in kalpi ding in Trump nih a ti ruangah a si

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell nih Democrats pawl hna cu ceilak in house ah a soisel hna kha, Mah stimulus bill ah, a hlan in biakhianak thatein rak tuah ding a si cang nain

Nancy Pelosi nih a rak cohlan duh bak ko kha, CNN reporter nih election results fiangtein phuan hlan ah, zeidah Senate ah thatein remnak tuah na duh lo? tiin Capitol Hill ah voih 3 a hal, Natein Nancy Pelosi nih reporter a hla mi cu a leh duh lo kha.

January thawk in Americans mipi nih “$600 direct stimulus payments , $300-per-week supplemental jobless boost ” an hmuh cang lai, Cun $300 unemployment supplement zong a um chap

Mah bantuk in a kit i, mi tampi rian ngei lo in an um cang caah, President Trump nih US mipi cu rawltam le Covid ruangah an tuartuk lo nak ding caah President Trump nih Senators pawl hna cu Demo duh ning cohlan ding in a ti hna

President Trump ”The President was responsible for those direct payments to Americans in the Covid-19 Relief Bill.’ @kilmeade @foxandfriends.

And the Moderna vaccine has already started rolling out. Very smooth distribution”. Source-RTK

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