Taungup le Yangon ah a kal mi Express Bus chungah thil a cang mi

Palik pawl thangthat awk ngai an si, mah bantuk in an cawn bal lo mi thil an tuah mi cu mipi nih an thangthat ngai hna. Zahan zanlei suimilam 8:45 hrawng ah Taungup-Yangon, Mi a phur mi Shwe Man Thu Express Bus No 2D Seat No 11 ah a thu mi, Taung, Kum 23, Pyinmana ah um mi cu nau ngeih ding a si caah, a chungah um mi nih zeihman an tuah thiam lo caah nau ngeih ding in palik pawl an chawn hna i. Naute cu tlamtling tein a ngeih khawh. A fa ngeih mi hi thla 7 mi a si. Fa a ngeih hnuah a ran nak in siizung lei ah kal pi a si. Noute hi nu a si. A fanu hi Cacao Hospital ah a rang nak in zohkhen ding in kal pi a si tiah theih a si. Dr. Daw Pan NanĀ  nih mah bantuk in nau ngeih khawh ding in a bawmh tuk vialte hna sin ah lunglawmnak bia a chim tiah Palik nih an chimh

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