US um, Chinmi tampi caah thawngtha tuk mi si. Zeipaoh hi Pathian khuakhang a si

Joe Biden nih Trump lungfak nak ding caah thil 3 a tuah than hoi cang. Joe Biden bantuk in Executive order min thutnak a tuah tam mi an um bal lo.

Joe Biden nih Trump policy, Phunglam lo in US ah a lut mi hna (illegal immigrants) ah a lut mi hna, border ah an nu le pa sin in then an si tawn mi dawngter nak ding caah executive order min thutnak voihthum a tuah cang

Million tampi America Dreamer an ti mi hna cu America ram ah thatein an um khawhnak ding caah le America citizenship an hmuh thluamah khawhnak ding caah lam kau pi on piak an si cang lai tinak asi

White House ah President Trump nih stain (Hnawm) a chia mi remthan nak ding caah ka tuah mi a si tiin Joe Biden nih a chim

Oval office ah, nihnih Ni ah President Joe Biden nih immigration kong he pehtlaih in executive order min thutnak a tuah mi ah,

President Joe Biden nih chim ding mi tampi a um tiin a chim. Thiltha ka duh ruangah ka tuah mi a si, phunglam thar ka ser mi a si lo.

A tha lo mi kha ka hrawh tu a si tiin a chim Trump administration nih illegal immigrants pawl caah an hlawn mi vialte kha Joe Biden nih a pek than dih hna lai.

Mah pawl hna cu, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, state general assistance payments, SNAP food stamps, Section 8 vouchers or rental assistance, public housing & federal Medicaid  hna an si

Mah bantuk a si a cu, Chinmi, Burma state dang in US ah a kal mi le Muslim ram in a pem mi pawl caah thawngtha tuk si cang lai tinak si. Source-RTK

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