USA nih China cu fakpi in aphomh cang. China Company 65 cu a phih piak cang. Aruang

Mr. Donald Trump hi USA President si lo seh, China Coronavirus ruangah vawlei cung ramkip cu China tangah uico bantuk an um cang lai. China a sual ning le a thil tuah ning cu ramdang nih an thei dih ko natein an soisel i an thangchiat ngam lo, aruang cu vawlei cung ramkip hi China economy tangah an um dih ti bantuk khi a si. Mah kong hi fiangtein kan ral ttial te lai

March thla hrawmthawk ah US nih Coronavius an ngei ve cang ti hmuh a si tikah, USA nih China ram in medical supplies cu dollar millions nak in tam deuh a cawk. Natein N95-style Face Mask hna hi America Front line workers caah a him lo ti an thei. Mah bantuk in rian ttuantu caah a him lo caah The US Food and Drug Administration nih hmang ding in rem a ti ti lo

The US Food and Drug Administration nih N95 Style Face mask, China nih a ser mi cu USA sibawi le nurse pawl caah a him lo, test an tuahnak ah N95 mask nih coronavirus filter a tuah khawh bantuk in China a ser mi nih cun a filter ve khawh lo ti an hmuh

The FDA’s nih thla hmasa ah an rak chim cia bantuk in China firms, 80 authorized manufacturers lakah 65 company permit cu a phih piak. Mah China nih a ser mi Mask tampi cu donation caah an rak pek dih  fawn. Mah bantuk in China nih lih le hrawkhrawl in USA cungah thil a tuah lengmang caah US cu a sum kho ve ti lo caah, China ram ah company 65 nih thil an ser mi paoh cu USA ram chungah kuat khawh lo ding in permit a thah piak hna

FDA statement :Respirators that have been tested by NIOSH and failed to demonstrate a Minimum Particulate Filtration Efficiency of 95 percent may be considered for use as face masks for source control, to help slow the spread of infection when a person speaks, coughs, or sneezes,Health care facilities should be aware that this use of face masks is different from personal protective equipment for health care personnel.’

Note: Ka thawngpang (tadin) ttial a rel mi vialte cungah lunglawmnak tampi ka ngei. Ka thawngpang ttialmi nan kan rel piak ruangah keimah zong tangka ka hmuh ve i, chungkhar zong ka zohkhen kho ve hna. Nangmah nih thawngin chungkhar ka zohkhen khawh ve ti ka thei caah thawngpang a dik lo mi ttial ka duh lo i ka tim lo. Hoax/Rumor/Fake ti bantuk hi ttial duh lo bik a si.

English ka rel mi le mi dang nih an ttial mi credit ka pek mi hna hi source a hman mi a si maw ti ka zoh hnuah mah hi cu a hman mi a si lai tiah ka ti mi hna hi ka miphun a si mi “Chinmi” caah ka ttial tawn i ka credit tawn. Natein vawlei cung cu tlamtlinglonak ram a si caah ralrin tein ka ttial zong ah Source ka lak mi ah a hman lo mi a um kho mi a si. Source ka lak mi a hman lo ti nan theih ah cun zeitik caan poah ka theihterh kho ulawm cun keimah ca zong ah ralrinnak a ka pektuk a si hlei ah ka source kha thatein ka zoh nak ding a si lai caah  le  thawngpang a hman mi le dik mi lawng ka thla peng khawhnak ding caah tiin zaangfah kan nih hal hna-Chingpage Editor

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