CBS nih Joe Biden mualpho in an tuah ve cang

US President an biapi ning cu kan theih dih cang bantuk in Super Power ram pakhat a si caah le Human right le Biaknak lei ah vawlei cung ramkip nih an tihza mi a si caah US President kal ning bantuk in vawlei hi a kal tiah an ti mi zong hi a si

Joe Biden zong US President thla 10 hrawng a vun tuan cang, President thlahra a tuan chungah US mipi nih

US Economy lei ah zeibantuk in Joe Biden a thawn ti mi an hmuh ning an langter ve cang. US mipi nih Joe Biden rian tuan ning kongah

an hmuh ning Politico hi poll a langter mi ka vun langter cang i, cun a hnuah Foxnews nih a langter mi zong ka vun langter cang kha. Atu cu Mainsream Media pakhat CBS nih poll an vun langter ve cang i, President Joe biden cu a mualpho bak ko. A CBS/YouGov nih poll an tuah mi cu an vun langter ve cang.

Mah poll hi zahan November ni 21 ah an langter mi a si, Economy ah, US mipi 61% nih President Joe Biden rian tuan ning cu a thalo an ti.

Atu hi US nih harnak fakpi a tawn cuamah lio a si i, thil man a kai tuk i, Inflation an tawn cuamah lio a si.

Mah hi zeitin dah Joe Biden nih a tawrel lai ti hi an zoh cuamah lio a si. Economy kongah 39% nih Joe Biden rian tuan ning cu a tha ko an ti  lio ah 65% nih a tha lo tiin an langter.  An mah Democrat chung in 73% nih US economy kongah Joe Biden rian tuan ning cu a tha ko an ti lio ah Republican party lei in 6% lawng nih a tha an ti.

Independent lei in 32% nih a tha an ti lio ah 68% nih a tha lo an ti, a tu hi US ram chungah thil man a kai tuk cang i,

A hlei in Petrol/Gas man cu a sang tak tak. US nih inflation a tawn lio ah President Joe Biden nih a tawrel ning kongah 33% nih tha an ti i, 67% nih thalo an ti. Republican party lei in 95% nih Joe Biden disapprove an ti.  72 percent of independents reported disapproval of Biden’s handling of inflation. Cre-Breitbart

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