China cu US caah tih a nung chin lengmang cang ko; US ralbawi Mark Milley nih a chim mi

Super power si ding in heh tiah an nih zuam cuamah lio a si caah China le US  China kong hi cu zungzal in tial ding a um lai an ti mi kha a si. China nih silos field 3 an buaipi lio mi cu a tha i tih nung tuk mi a si tiin CNN report, Experts Federation of American Scientists (FAS), nonpartisan national

security research & advocacy organization nih a langter. China silos hi commercial satellite images in thatein an control

Matt Korda & Hans M. Kristensen, authors FAS report nih a chim ning ahcun, “China nih Nuclear ngeih chap ding in heh tiah a zuam cuamah,

an nuclear ser mi hna cu US caah tih  a nung chin lengmang fawn tiin a chim, Mah Missile silos 3 tlamtling ter khawhnak ding caah cun, kum tampi an her, natein mah bantuk tih nung tuk mi Missile hi China nih tlamtling tein a ngei hrim lai tiah a zum ning a chim

A luancia kum hnih kum thum hnuah, China cu hriamnam lei ah heh tiah a thancho ruangah US official pawl zong an nih nuam ti lo.

June thla ah China Silo Missile a hmun ngan bik mi cu vawlei cung ramkip hmuh khawh ding in langter a rak si cang.

July ah FAS pawl nih SILO missile 2 nak cu an langter than hoi i, US strategic command pawl nih an twitter ahmah kongah an ral tial ve.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley zong nih China cu hriamnam lei ah a than cho tuk caah US caah hnangam tein um ngam ding a si ti lo tiin a chim cang.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian nih US zawnteinak caah China nih Hypersonic a test mi kha “a spacecraft, not a missile.”tiin a chim. Cre-RTK

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