Coronavirus kongah Myanmar ralkap bawi Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing le a hawikom thil tuah nih kawlram a hnihn bak ko

Myanmar ram hi China he innpachakthlang ah um mi kan si, atu tiang Myanmar ram dirhmun zoh ah cun ramdang bantuk in a si lo, Coronavirus in a damlo mi an tlawm ngai. Myanmar ram chungah coronavius in a damlo mi cu minung 22 lawng an si i, minung pa 3 an thi cang. Myanmar cozah nih mah zawtnak dohnak ding caah fakpi in rian a ttuan lio a si. Counsellor Aung Sann Suu Kyi zong nih myanmar mipi caah thil tha tuah ding mi a phuan cang.

Myanmar ralkap bawi Myanmar Commander in chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing le a rian ttuanti hawikam nih mah coronavirus dohnak caah Kyat 2.245 billion (USD 1.6 million) an pek. Mah tangka hi Senior General Min Aung Hlain thlakhat lakha le Senior Officer dang lakha an pek mi a si. Cun ralkap dang nihkhat lakha zong a telh chi. Mah tangka an pek mi pawl hna hi Covid dohnak caah hmang ding in ti a si lai. Myanmar ralkap nih an chim ning ah cun Yangoon ah hlaing hmun ah mi 1000 quarantine khawhnak Transit Center pakhat le Naypitaw ah mi 1500 zohkhen khawhnak caah hmang a si ve lai. Atu hi Myanmar ah case 22 an um mi, Zahan ah Pago region lei ah mipakhat cu a thi. – Irrawaddy- The Tahan post

Coronavirus ruangah Vawlei cung ramkip nih India an zoh cang; USA caah thawngtha pakhat……..Coronavirus ruangah vawlei kan buai ning le mithi an tam ning le damlo an tam ning cu thei ngam a si ti lo, ni fatin a karh thluamah i, atu tiang mah C-19 sii hi an serh khawh lo caah vawlei chung hi zeitluk in dah mah muinak khur ah kan lut lai ti hi theikhawh a si lo. Atutiang mah sii an hmuh lo caah mah coronavirus zohkhennak caah sii tha bik cu Malaria Hydroxychloroquine sii hi a si

Vawlei cung ram 30 nih mah sii cawkterh ding in India cu zaangfah an hal thluamah cang. Zeirungah mah bantuk in India cu an hal tiah bia halnak kan ngei kho men. Mah sii Hydroxychloroquine hi 70% cu India ram ah serh a si. India ram nih mah sii Hydroxychloroquine hi kumkhat ah mum 24 million a herh ve i, mah sii ‘Malaria Hydroxychloroquine’ hi ramdang zong nih Coronavirus zawtmi zohkhennak caah an herh tuk caah India cu zaangfah an hal thluamah ko. India ram hi Malaria in a zawtmi an  tam caah Malaria damlo zohkhennak caah tampi a serh tawn. Ramdangah nih ma Malaria zawtnak hi an buaipi ti lo, a ruang cu Malaria in a damlo mi an tlawmtuk cang caah si.

USA hi coronavirus chonh mi tambiknak ram a si cang. USA sibawi, mithiam le President Trump lungrethei in an um lio ah thawngpang tha pakhat cu zarte ni zanlei ah US President nih India MP. Modi cu phone in a chawn. paracetamol le hydroxychloroquine hi coronavirus damlomi zohkhennak caah sii thabik a si.  Mah kongah Modi cu a chawn. President Trump nih modi a chawn hlan ah mah sii paracetamol le hydroxychloroquine hi ramdangah kuat lo ding in India nih nawl a chuak

Natein USA nih mah paracetamol le hydroxychloroquine hi damlo mi zohkhennak caah an herh tuk caah PM. Modi a chawnnak ruang a si. Tu ni zanlei tiang khan India nih zeihman mah kawngah thawngthannak a tuah lo. President Trump nih India sin ah ka hal mi a ka cohlan piak lo ah cun a cun ah zeimaw ka tuah lai tiah a chim hnu tlawmpal ah India in USA h mah paracetamol le hydroxychloroquine kuat ding in biachanak a tuah. Source : Business Today

Ralrin tak aherh cang:Covid-19 hi daithlang bak lo ding (or) Spainish Flu tuanbia nih tampi akan cawnpiak…… COVID-19 nih vawleicung minung cu thinphang in akan um ter dih ko.Hi bantuk rai chia hi kum 100 tlin  caan poh ah hmuh lengmang mi asi tin record ah hmuh asi . A luancia kum 100 hrawng ah COVID-19 bantuk zawtnak simi Spainish Flu timi arak chuak . A thi mi hi taan 50 in 100 karlak an rak si . Spainish FLu timi cu 1918 kum tiang kum 2 chung arak um mi asi. Vawlei ralpi pakhatnak adih lai ah Spain ram ah arak can gmi vawleicung  hmunkip arak i chawnh mi zawtnak asi .

Spainish Flu timi cu tauhkuai bantuk asi i thawchuahnak lam in chawnh mi asi. Zawtnak ngei mi nih  khuh,hatthio tikah aholh tikah apawngkam cu arak chawnh hna . Cucaah record ning ah vawleicung taan 500 leng an rak i chawnh tin theih asi . Spainish FLu cu ral tuk lio asi caah khuachung cu Lock Down an rak chia lo . Isolation an rak tuah lo .  Hi zawtnak in kum 20 in 40 karlak hi azaw tambik an rak si .nazi 24 chung ah an rak thi . Tihnung tukmi virus arak si .

Tuanbia nih akan chimh mi zawtnak ah COVID-19 zong hi thli in i chawnh si lo caah arel , atu bantuk social media athawn tuk caah  vawleicung ah zeidah acang timi theih khawh colh asi . Cucaah kan caah hriamnam tha ngai asi .

Chim duhmi cu Spainish Flu hi kan caah cawnpiak tha ngai asi . Daithlang ding asi hrim lo . Daithlang ahcun Spainish Flu bantukin tih nung tukmi mi asi .  Kanmah pakhat lawng ing asi lai lo .Kan chungkhar ,hawikom,Pawngkam caah tihnung tukmi asi .  Cucaah kut tawl in inn ah tha tein um hi asi

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