Democrat pawl nih Trump an hmu ning lungthin cu a thleng cik cek cang ko lai?

US ram cu ram lian ngan tuk mi, ralkap le Economic ah a si caah super power tiah thei mi a si caah US thil tuah mi poah hi ramdang nih an zoh peng mi a si caah le vawlei thleng tu a si tiah thei mi a si caah US kong tial le thei lo ahcun vawleicung thawngpang hi a kim lo tiah ti tawn mi kha a si

Democrats pawl nih Kum 2016-2020 chung kha former President Donald Trump kha America buainak chuahpi tu bantuk in an hmuh tawn kha.

Natein a tu cu an lungput a dik lo ti fiang tein an thei cang lai. President Joe Biden cu thla 8 hrawng President a tuan man tiah, foreign policy ah a failed tuk cang caah

Democrat pawl hruaitu tampi le amah a vote tu tampi zong nih Foreign policy kongah President Joe Biden cungah zumnak an ngei ngam ti lo. President Joe Biden le former President Trump cu tahchun khawh a si ti lo, Foreign Policy le Economic ah Joe Biden nih former President Trump cu a tluk kho ti lai lo tia fiang cang. Joe Biden, President a si ti an thei bak in, Liberal Americans pawl nih Chicago – Manhattan tiang lam an zulh kha,

Trump President rian tuan mi kha a tha lo tuk caah kum 4 chungah kan buainak le kan harnak vialte lakah President Joe Biden nih a kan hruaichuak cang lai tiin heh tiah lunglawm ngai in lam zulhnak an ngei kha.

This is America, America is Back tiin nuam ngai in le lambu in lam an zulh kha, Natein thla 8 hman a dih hlan ah former President Trump nak in tuanbia tha lo deuh President Joe Biden nih a tial cang

Trump President a si lio ah  Twitter, Facebook le Social Media ah Trump heh tiah a soisel le thangchiat tawn tu kha khawi ah dah an um dih tiin a tu cu bia halnak nganpi a si cang. Atu mah bantuk in US ralkap le civilian pakhat cu ral lakah an thi cang caah Biden le Harris cu an mualpho cang i, mi tampi nih Biden/Harris poster – Dream team tiin heh tiah soisel le thangchiat an si cang.

Mah hi maw American Dreams cu a si tiin bia halnak tampi a chuak cang i Joe Biden lei pawl cu an mualpho cik cek

Kum 50 leng US politics chungah heh tiah a cawlhcang cang mi President Joe Biden nih America ram mipi pawl lungkhatein a hruai khawh lai tiah ruahchannak an ngei mi cu a tu cu lungdongnak mem mem a si cang.

Liberal Media, Pesident campaign lio ah heh tiah Trump a soisel tawntu Mainstream Media New York Daily News & Washington Post. Conservative-leaning Fox News & New York Post. Local daily papers – Terre-Haute, Indiana Tribune Star, the Roanoke Times in Virginia, & Hot Spring, Arkansas Sentinel-Record. Internationally, UK Telegraph pawl nih President Biden “Adress the Nation”  lio ah Americans 13 thi mi a a siang lo ning le a lungfak ning a chim mi cu an Media Front Page ah an langter i,

President Joe Biden zeirellonak le soiselnak caah an rak hmang cang caah Campaign lio ah Joe Biden a dirkam tu pawl Media pawl zong atu cu an lung a fim ve cang lai tiah zum an si. Cre-RTK

Kawlram thawngpang..Palek riantuan chungkhar hna online ah thilcah lo ding in a thlite cathanh an chuah mi a lang

Palek chungkhar hna cu online ah thil an cah caah inn number an hal hna i an rak thah hna caah online ah thil cawk lo ding in August 20 ah an chuah mi thlithup ca cu a phuang lang.  Dagon Myo Thit peng, 90 veng No(93/က) ah a um mi Bukyi Aung Moe i a nupi a nu kum 56 Daw Tita Mg Mg cu thil kan rak put tiah an i ti ter i amah a inn hmai ah an thah ruangah cathanh an chuah nak hi a si.

Daw Tita Mg Mg hi inn hlan nak lei kaap in rian a tuan mi a si i No (88 ) Chi – Myine- that – Mah – Thannah Chok pehtleih nak bu then ah Bukyi Aung Moe a nupi nu a si.

“Mah bantuk thil hi ralhrang chungkhar cung ah a um ti nak hnga lo Online Shop ah thilcah lo ding, Delivery hna rak put ter i inn number hna pek ,ph hna in pehtlaih, inn hmai hna ah va lak ti bantuk hna nan tuah lai lo tiah “zulhding phung lam hna he Palek bawi Zaw Tun Aung minthut he ca an chuah. Source-Mizzima new (TCP)

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