Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, Dr. Sasa Le A Dang NUG President Pawl Thah Dingin An Kawl Cuahmah Hna

NUG Cozah President Le Prime Minister telh in NUG Cozah minung 28 a tlai kho mi poah nan umnak ram cio phaisa in, Dollar zong in laksawng kan in pek hna lai tiah ralhrang nih thawngthanhnak an tuah.

The junta regime announces reward to arrest 28 pro-democracy activists, including the Vice President and Prime Minister of National Unity Government of Myanmar Myanmar’s junta regime announces a reward for the arrest of 28 pro-democracy activists, mainly Ministers of the National Unity Government of Myanmar, including the current Vice President and Prime Minister of the National Unity Government.

The junta regime accuses the 28 public figures of directly causing instability and terrorism in the war-torn Southeast Asia nation. The junta regime, the announcement says, would reward those who could lead to capturing the eight pro-democracy activists, with prize money to be paid in Baht for those living in Thailand, US currency for those living in the United States if anyone can supply a detailed address of the accused individuals from their respective resident countries.

The junta regime claims that the regime’s Foreign Department will liaise with the international police force for the arrest of the accused individuals, who are well known from the NUG, social influencers such as Pancelo and Yemin and many others.

The full list are:

  1. Duwa Lashi La of NUG
  2. Mahn Winn Khaing Thanh of NUG
  3. Yee Mon of NUG
  4. Zin Mar Aung of NUG
  5. Dr Sasa of NUG
  6. Dr Zaw Wai Soe of NUG
  7. Lian Hmung Sakhong of NUG
  8. Aung Myo Min of NUG
  9. Win Myat Aye of NUG
  10. Ei Tinzar Maung of NUG
  11. Khu Hte Bu of NUG
  12. Tin Tun Naing of NUG
  13. Dr. Hkalen Tu Kawng of NUG
  14. Moe Zaw Oo of NUG
  15. Min Ko Naing (public figure)
  16. Yemin (public figure)
  17. Pancelo (Public figure)
  18. Ja Htoi Pan of NUG
  19. Min Zayar Oo of NUG
  20. Lwin Ko Latt of NUG
  21. Myo Yan Naung Thein (public figure)
  22. Naing Kaung Ywat of NUG
  23. Shwe Pung of NUG
  24. Rosy Aung (public figure)
  25. Po Pyo Thant (public figure)
  26. Myat Kyaw Thu (public figure)
  27. Khini Mar Mar Myo of NUG
  28. Khin Hnin Kyi Tha (public figure)