Kum 2020 cu Thanthlang khua caah cun kum tha bik a si ko cang lai hi; A sunglawi tak tak

Thantlang khua Din ti duh dim te in kan hmuh khawh nak ding caah ti in Vice President Pu Henrry Van Thio nih Kyat – 2.9 billion (Sing 29000) dih in a kan pek mi , Thantlang khua in Meng 24 reng lo a hlat nak Sih Cang Ram chung um mi Khuai Va ti lak mi cu , Kum ,2020, feb 14 Ni , Vice President Thantlang a kan tlawn ni Zanlei suimilam 3:00 tluk ah Tlamtling te in Thantlang khua phak pi a si .

Kan pa Vice President Pu Henrry Van Thio Cung ah si seh ,Chin Ram kulh Cozah CUng ah si seh , Ti a kan pe tu Sih Cang khua Mi hna CUng ah siseh , Hi ti lak a tlamtling tlin nak ding ah riantuan tu dih lak Cung ah kan I lawm tuk .Pathian nih an dih lak Cung ah Thluachuah ko hna seh ti hi Thantlang khuapi kan thlacam nak si seh .
Hi Tilak nak rian tuan nak caan hi Thla (6) lawng rian tuan caan kan ngei . 2020 ,Thantlang Khua Chin National Day hlan ah lim ding in kan tuan . Chun Zan in kan tuan . Ti inn Gallons 150000 tlum mi Pe 50* 50 Asan pe 10 RCC , Ti inn (ti khon nak )inn pi zong tlamtling te in kan lim .

Thantlang khua cu Inn dong 1800 leng kan si , minung 10400 kan si cu hlan ah minung Pakhat nih nikhat ah Ti Gallons 16 lawng kan hmuh mi kha a tu cu minung Pakhat ah Gallons 30 tluk kan hmuh cang lai . Duh dim te in kan hmuh cang lai . Vice President Cung ah Lunglomh nak chim Cawk lo kan ngei . Pathian nih Ram le miphun caah Thluachuah Chin ko seh. Ref: Ram Khar

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