Minakpa (WHO) le China cu ceilak in May 18 WHO Summit ah phomh an si cang lai hi; Ramdang pawl nih an bia chim mi

Coroanirus kong ttial zong hi huam ding a si ti lo, natein tu lio vawlei thawngpang, vawleicung ramkip muinak ah a kan lutpi tu a si fawn caah le mi tampi thinak a tlungtertu a si fawn caah tu lio vawlei cung ramkip le mikip nih an buaipi mi a si caah Coronavirus kong he pehtlaihin WHO meeting ni 18 ah ngei ding mi kong

May 18 ah vawlei cung ramkip ngandamnak lei ah rian ttuantu WHO cu tawnnak ngei a si cang lai. China Transparency (Thilthup ngei lo in zeipoah langter) an duh ning langter thluamah a si cang. CCP virus hi Wuhan, China in a thawk i, million leng nih mah zawtnak hi an ngei cang. Burma ram tiang in buainak le harnak kan tawn cang.

Mah zawtnak hi papalak in a thawk mi va si zawng ah, zia China nih bia hman a chim duh lo. Minung i chonh khawh a si mi kong ah hin? WHO nih mah zawtnak ruangah China ram ah avakal i, thil zeipoah an thei i an hmuh dih. Vawlei cung minung caah zawtnak tih nung tuk mi a si ti thawngthannak an tuah hnuah cun a tlai tuk cang. Mah lawng cu si loin China nih minung chonh khawh a si ti a thei ko buin zia ramkip ah China mi cu kal a siang hna? Bia hal ding mi a tam ngai. WHO health organization lakah bia halnak tampi tuah a si te lai

China le WHO Director General Tedros Adhonam Ghebreyesus Criticism. Unite State President Donald Trump le Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sin in thei thar thei ding mi a chuak peng fawn. United State lawng hi China ruangah WHO cungah thinhun mi an si lo. European Commission President Ursula Von Der  Leyen zong nih Coronavirus a chuaknak/Orogin investigation ngei ding in a au pi ve cang. European Union nih World Health Assembly ah resolution an chuahpi. WHO cawlhcang ning an hal thluamah cang

Washington le Geneva in Diplomats pawl nih mah resolution, Europe nih an buaipi mi ah hin China nih hnehsaknak nganpi a tawn cang lai tiah zum a si. 2019 December ah a thawkmi mah coronaviru nih vawlei cung ramkip a phan cang.

British defence secretary Ben Wallace nih Coronavirus outbreak ah , China nih thil sining vialte langter ding in a ti cang. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s anih April ah China nih bia hlanak hartuk mi a tawn cang lai (China have got to answer a “hard questions”? ) ti in a rak chim cang

Swedish Health Minister Lena Hallengren nih  Coronavirus origin hlethlainak ah WHO’s  nih a tuah ding mi lenglei ah rian ttuan an duh ti a chim ve cang. Credit: Esther

Note: Ka thawngpang (tadin) ttial a rel mi vialte cungah lunglawmnak tampi ka ngei. Ka thawngpang ttialmi nan kan rel piak ruangah keimah zong tangka ka hmuh ve i, chungkhar zong ka zohkhen kho ve hna. Nangmah nih thawngin chungkhar ka zohkhen khawh ve ti ka thei caah thawngpang a dik lo mi ttial ka duh lo i ka tim lo. Hoax/Rumor/Fake ti bantuk hi ttial duh lo bik a si.

English ka rel mi le mi dang nih an ttial mi credit ka pek mi hna hi source a hman mi a si maw ti ka zoh hnuah mah hi cu a hman mi a si lai tiah ka ti mi hna hi ka miphun a si mi “Chinmi” caah ka ttial tawn i ka credit tawn. Natein vawlei cung cu tlamtlinglonak ram a si caah ralrin tein ka ttial zong ah Source ka lak mi ah a hman lo mi a um kho mi a si. Source ka lak mi a hman lo ti nan theih ah cun zeitik caan poah ka theihterh kho ulawm cun keimah ca zong ah ralrinnak a ka pektuk a si hlei ah ka source kha thatein ka zoh nak ding a si lai caah  le  thawngpang a hman mi le dik mi lawng ka thla peng khawhnak ding caah tiin zaangfah kan nih hal hna-Chingpage Editor

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