Pathian nih dirpi hram ko se, Saya David Lah kongah Aung Sann Sui Kyi le Dr. Sa Sa zong nih bia an chim ve cang

Yangon cozah nih COVID-19 a ngeimi David Lah le Khrihfa hruaitu hna tazacuai an timh hna khi David Lah a rem lomi kanmah Khrihfa kan i lawmh awk a si lo, kan i fahsak tuk awk tu a si. Khrihfa kan dihlak namneh/persecution a si.

David Lah phu nih an tuahmi khi tampi i pumnak conference bantuk zong a si lo, chungkhar bantuk in rian a tuantimi minung 20 hrawng chungkhar pumh sawhsawh a si. Hibantuk mibu poah tlaih dih sisehlaw phungki lawng hmanh in thonginn zong nih a zawh hna hnga lo. Phungki cu an ti ngam hoi hna lo.

Suu Kyi nih hi tazacuai kong ah a lung nuam lonak le thildik chuahpi ding tuanvo lak a timhnak kong a Fb ah a hun tial colh than i lung dam deuh. Taza an cuai taktak hna i thong an thlak hna ahcun kan ram mui a chia taktak lai.- Salai Lungthli Tum

Aw!! Kan Bawipa Pathian, Coronavirus zawtnak a rak ngeimi soisel le thanchiat tawn mi minung ka hmuh tikha ka ngaichiat tak tak, vanchiat ruangah Covid-19 a zawtmi caah thlacam khawhnak ding caah vun kan bawmh hram ko” tiin Pathian sin ah a lung tak tak in thla a cam piak hna-Dr. Sa Sa

Ramkomh Cozah nih a kan fial bantuk in April thla ca electric mei man pek lo ding kong kan tawlrel cuahmah ko: Minister Pu Soe Htet,,,,,,,Ramkomh Cozah nih COVID-19 lockdown ruang ah nifatin tangka luut a ngei lo mi hna bawmhnak pek ding le electric mei man unit 150 tang a hmang mi April thla ca pek lo ding ti mi cu kan tawlrel cuahmah ko, tiah Minister Pu Soe Htet nih April 13 ah a chim.

“Nifatin tangka luut a ngei lo mi zong April 10 thok in bawmhnak kan pek hna lio a si. Cun, April thla chung ah mei hi unit 150 tang lawng a hmang mi mei man pek lo ding zong kan tawlrel cuahmah ko,” tiah Sipin le Electric Minister Pu Soe Htet nih  a chim.

Hi kong ah Hakha Peng Electric mei lutlai U Maung Ohn nih, “Ramkomh sin in ca cu a phan cang ko rua. Keimah sin belte ah phungluut in a phan rih lo. Asinain, Ramkomh Cozah nih tuah ding a ti mi cu kan tawlrel thiamthiam ding a si ko. April thla dih in meter kan rel lai. Sipuazi lei le pawcawmnak rian ah mei a hmang mi tu cu a man an pek ko lai. Chungkhar ca bak ah unit 150 tang a hmang mi lawnglawng kha man pek lo a si lai,” tiah   a chim.

Hi bawmhnak kong hi Daw Aung San Suu Kyi sin ah mizapi nih COVID-19 lockdown ruang ah nifatin tangka luut a ngei lo mi hna le mei man thumh ding kong an hal mi kha Ramkomh Cozah nih a lungtlinpi i an tawlrel cuahmah mi a si, tiah kan theih.


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