Sibawi Mang Biak Kung nih Coronavirus kongah Hakha sii inn thutdir ning le zulhphung kong a chim mi hi a tha bak

  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) zawtnak kan i runven khawh nakhnga tiah Hakha Sii-inn ah thutdir ning le zulhphung kongkau  Dr. Mang Biak Kung nih a chim. “Sii-inn ah mizaw dah ti lo cu, mizaw cong tamtuk rat lo ding. Cun, kum 60 cung le kum 5 tang ngakchia a si khawh ahcun sii-inn ah rat lo ding.

A herh tuk lem lo mi ah sii-inn ah rat lo ding le mizawt zong a zual tuk mi dah ti lo cu mizaw pakhat ah minung pakhat lawng nih cawngh ding. Mizaw cong zong atu le atu i thlen lo ding, a cong mi pakhat te nih a chuah tiang congh peng ah a tha. Hihi atu Covid-19 zawtnak ruang theng ah si loin kanmah sii-inn zulhphung hrimhrim a si ko. A bik in mibu in thutdir hi hrial ah a tha bik mi a si,”tiah Hakha Sii-inn lutlai Dr. Mang Biak Kung nih The Hakha Post ah a chim

“Cun, Hakha Sii-inn ah hin innleng lei ah kuttawlnak zong kan tuah dih. Sii-inn a ra mi poh nih luh lai ah kut i tawl ta hmasa i, chuah lei zong ah kut i tawl ta ding a si lai. Ngandamnak Zung le Sii-inn lei nih zulhphung an chuah mi tete kha tha tein kan zulhpiak u ti kan duh.

WHO nih an thanh bantuk in April thla dih tiang mibu sin ah vahvaih lo ding le mibu umnak hrial ding a si. Cun, ramdang lei in a rak tlawng mi kan chungkhat cio an si zong  ah Hakha an phak  zarh hnih chung leng ah chuak lo tein inn ah i zohkhenh hna seh ti kan duh.

Zarh hnih chung kha cu inn chungkhar he zong naihniam tuk in um lo ah a tha. Inn chung ah um zong mileng sakai zong i ralrin a herh fawn. A naih bik pee 3 hlat um ding a si. A ruang cu atu zawtnak hi pee 3 i naih in umti ahcun i chawh khawh a si. Cucaah, caan hman tein eidin le mitkuh thaw tein ih hi a biapi tuk.

Thazaang der ahcun zawtnak hi i chawnh a fawi deuh,” tiah Dr. Mang Biak Kung nih a chimchap. Atu tiang ahcun Hakha Sii-inn ah Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) zawtnak hmelchunknak a ngei mi  hmuh an si rih lo, tiah kan theih. Ref-Hakha post

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